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Basic math involves basic algebra; which is a branch of mathematics that deals with numbers and the rules for manipulating those numbers using mathematical symbols and letters. It involves solving equations and working with variables to find unknown values. Algebra helps us understand relationships between quantities and is a fundamental building block for more advanced math and science concepts. We have all seen and worked with some form of algebra. You may be wondering, why is having basic math skills important?

How It Can Help​

Getting started in many union trades like; lineman, iron worker, electrician, there are aptitude test you must pass to get to an interview. Being able to pass or get a good score on an aptitude test allows you to move on to an interview or get on a rank list to go to work. Also, most trades you use math anyhow. Carpentry, plumbing, welding, etc you will use math at work! Using certain equations to figure out bend radius or dimensions of a cylinder tank. Having basic algebra math skills is going to help you getting started in a trade AND once you’re in a trade! In trades that involve electricity, such as; lineman, HVAC, electrician you will need to know some basic electrical theory. Electrical theory involves basic algebraic equations such as OHM’s Law & the Power Formula. 

You can learn some of the basic math, equations, and things that will help you here. Scroll through the items below, click and learn about the different math you can & will encounter.

If you could learn anything. Learn PEMDAS. This is the order of operations that will help you solve almost any algebraic equation! How does it work? Learn here
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Arithmetic/Number Sequence
Arithmetic or number sequence is a series of numbers in which the difference between any two consecutive terms is constant. Learn More
Learn Here
How To Find Guy Wire Length
In the lineman trade you can use Pythagorean theorem to find the guy wire length. This is a simple math equation, used for many things. Learn here
Learn Here
Learn OHMs Law & Power Formula
Learn OHMs Law & the Power formula. These are used to find voltage, current, resistance & power. How? Learn here.
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