Use Math To Fabricate A Cylinder Tank

Use Math To Fabricate A Cylinder Tank

You can use math to fabricate a cylinder tank. Many blue collar industries require math as a basic skill. Knowing math, at a basic level will help you in certain trades like the: welding, electrical, construction, and many many more!

In this instance, I go over a kind of math you could expect to see and use in the welding industry. To use math to figure out dimensions to fabricate a cylinder tank in the welding fabrication. The math is fairly simple.

How Do You Use Math

By using the volume equation of: volume = pie x radius squared x height

You will need two values to find out dimensions on what size to fabricate a cylinder tank. 

In this video I use 5,285 gallons as the volume value, 150 inches as the height value  & 3.14 as pie.

With those three, you are able to use the volume equation to figure out what the radius equals.

5,285 = 3.14 x r² x 150

You will have to convert the volume (gallons) into cubic inches. Because inches will be the factorable measurement.

1 gallon = 231 in³ 

5,285 x 231 = 1,220,835 in³

Now you can put it into the volume equation 

1,220,835 = 3.14 x r² x 150

You can rearrange the equation to find the missing value of “r”.

r² = 1,220,835/3.14 x 150

Using basic algebra you do: 3.14 x 150 =471. You will then take 1,220,835 and divide it by 471 which will equal 2,592.

That means r² = 2,592. Using basic algebra, you will then need to take the square root of √2,592 which will equal 50.91.

So your radius of the cylinder tank is 50.91 inches.

You now have all the dimensions to fabricate a cylinder tank! 

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You can watch and learn HERE 👇🏼

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