Use Math To Set A Pole

Use Math To Set A Pole

There is a specific & easy math equation we use in the lineman trade to figure out; how deep do you set a pole in the ground?

Now it all depends on: how long is the pole you are going to set?

Is it a 30ft, 40ft, 80ft pole!? However, that is very easy to figure out. There is a name plate or a “belly button” (as we call it) on every pole. It usually is on the butt end of the pole 10-15 ft from the butt of the pole. On the name plate it will tell you the class of the pole and and the length! 

With that information you can use the equation: Length of pole. devide by 10, plus 2!

So if you have a 50ft pole, you take: 50 divide it by 10 which equals 5 and you add 2 which equals 7! That’s how deep a pole gets buried in the ground! You or somebody will augur a 7 foot hole and set the pole in the ground, back fill it, and go to work! 

That is how you can use math to set a pole! Watch and learn HERE 👇🏼

Do You Struggle With Math?

Simple algebra math is use in many trades. Being able to find “X” or be able to use a given formula to find a solution is important. One of the basic expressions that can really help you in doing math is the order of operations or P.E.M.D.A.S! What is that & how can that help? 

Getting started in a trade like the lineman trade or iron workers trade, there will be an aptitude test to get into an apprenticeship. Inside the test, there will be basic algebra math. Knowing how to use PEMDAS will help you get a good score & get an apprenticeship!

Learn HERE!

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