Should You Go To Lineman School? Or A Different Route?

On of the MOST COMMON questions I get: Should I go to lineman school?

And that question is loaded! It’s not about should you, it’s about do you want to? It comes down to a personal decision, and inside this video I explain; what steps do you need to take as a 17 year old to get into the lineman trade. There are various routes you can take to get into the lineman trade, and I explain those here 👇🏼

Why do you want to go to lineman school? Should you? Do you have to?

If you can’t afford lineman school, what other options do you have, to get into the lineman trade, And what steps do you have to take?! Do you spend the money, or save money…

There are alternate routes, that don’t force you take 4 months – 2 years off of work, spend time away from family or spend THOUSANDS of dollars!

They include: Getting your Class A CDL with no restrictions & air brakes. Get your first aid/CPR certification and get your flagging certification. Those are bare minimum requirements. There are lots of other things that can help you. For those, check out the “Become a Lineman” in the “Careers” tab.

Get started on a journey, building your future, STARTS HERE!

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