The Most Important Certification You Need To Becoming A Lineman


The number one most important certification you need to get into the line trade is your Class A Commercial Drivers License with air breaks and no restrictions.

You’ll be driving digger trucks, bucket trucks, cranes, and hauling trailers; you absolutely need your Class A! If you’re seriously considering getting started on the pathway to getting started in the line trades, invest in getting your Class A CDL.

How To Get Your Class A CDL

Getting a CDL; can cost several thousand dollars depending on where and who you get it with. Don’t let that price discourage you. You’ll make that money back in a month easy if you get into an apprenticeship! 

Search on google “get class a CDL near me”. 

The CDL also opens other opportunities for work or a different job. So I would say it is an awesome cert to get! Not to mention you need it to build powerlines!  Check out the link for more information! 

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