Be On Time
It seems simple; be on time. At least to me, it is. Being on time to work means being there 10-15 min early.

I adopted this mentality when I was a young boy. My dad would always say to me “if you’re not 15 min early, you’re 15 min late” & that has stuck with me until this day.

Leaving the house early enough to give yourself time in case something were to happen; car wreck, traffic, flat tire, etc.

I see a lot of apprentices/grunts show up to work right at start time or 5 min late. Don’t be that guy. Prepare better. Be to work a little bit early.

You don’t have to necessarily do anything until start time, but get the gate/trucks unlocked and ready to go for the crew. ADOPT THIS MENTALITY! 

In any situation in life, you should strive to be earlier than late. Dinner plans? Show up a little bit early. Do not get complacent and comfortable showing up right on time/late.

The whole reason I started Livewire was so I could teach, and help the future! Be safe, I’m here to help! 

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