Sometimes You Have To Jump

When I was growing up… We had a pond by our house. And every summer, I’d always want to go swimming. (what kid doesn’t)

One balmy 75-degree day, my cousin Tim decided to climb a neighboring tree, and build a platform to jump out of. The platform wasn’t terribly high, maybe 25 feet in the air, and yet 10-year-old Austin was deathly scared to make that jump.

I spent my entire summer watching my cousins and brothers making that jump over and over again. Little Austin was pissed off. Every time I would climb up to that platform, I would be scared shitless. My heart rate would begin to race, my legs began to shake, and I would start to get lightheaded, and of course, my brothers sitting there calling me chicken.

The crazy part?

One day I just JUMPED… Heart racing, I took a leap of faith, and after maybe 2 seconds of free fall, SPLASH… An entire summer was wasted, being too afraid to jump. I jumped out of that platform 10 more times that day and for the rest of summer break. WHAT A BLAST. I was no longer the “scared kid.” In fact my heroic jump welcomed praise and cheering from my brothers and cousins.

So what is the point in me telling you this story? What you fear most, will be cured by action. To take that leap and just go for it. Life’s too short to say “what if” and that starts NOW.

6 years ago I made that jump again, but this time into a career full of badassery, traveling, and money. I’m the same as you. Join me and thousands of other linemen in the greatest trade there is to offer and sign up for livewire academy today!

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