Become a Machinist


Many companies in the Machining industry offer competitive health benefits.

Earning Potential

Largely dependent on the company you work for, many Machinist earn well over $900,000 per year.

Job Growth

The Machinist job market is expanding by 6% over the next 10 years meaning 20,000+ new jobs.

About Becoming A Machinist

How To Become A Machinist in The United States

Becoming a machinist in the U.S. requires a person to have career training and certification, sometimes obtained through an apprenticeship program. The prerequisites that need to be met to become a machinist will depend on the jurisdiction in which they seek employment but typically include specific educational requirements, such as graduating from high school or receiving their General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

Machinists work in a variety of industries, from aviation to machine-building. These workers use power-driven tools to cut metals or other materials.

Machinists use machine tools to fabricate parts and pieces of products that are in demand. Machinist is often used interchangeably with “tool and die maker” or “toolmaker.” This article will teach you what it takes to become a machinist in the United States.


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