Become a Lineman


The IBEW offers some of the most comprehensive health benefits that exist.


Linemen have the opportunity to earn up to and exceed $300,000/Yr. The pay is no joke.

Job Growth

The lineworker trade is growing at 9% by 2029 meaning roughly 10,000 New job openings.

Electrifying America
The Lineman Career is often the most overlooked opportunity in the blue collar trades.
Growth And Opportunity
The Lineworker trade is growing at a rate of 9% a year.
Unmatched Benefits
The IBEW offer some of the best benefits that exist.

About Becoming A Lineman.

6 Steps To Becoming A IBEW Journeyman Lineman

Start living a life that matters… Gone are the days of those monotonous dead-end jobs that lead to nowhere and another night drinking with the boys while your bank account is in the red. Your girlfriend telling you what a POS you are for going nowhere, and the meaningless of life just seems to overcome you… I mean what’s even the point?

What you need is a challenge, structure, and a career that means something. To be a part of something much bigger than yourself. To play the team sport that actually matters, to deliver the most essential technology to homes all across the United States. To work storms, be up on that pole, keep the people in your community safe, and make good money while you’re at it. This trade is unlike anything else. Brothers fighting for brothers, bonds form that will be unbreakable, and that brand new truck and boat sitting out front paid for by a few storm checks looks pretty dang good! No more worrying about bills, no more working that dead-end job, no more putting up with people’s crap, it’s time to become a Lineman.

Only a few were meant to do this, but those few reap the rewards of hard labor unlike any other trade out there. You know you were meant to do more, now it’s time to do it. This industry is calling your name, and it’s our job to get you started on the right path. 

Learn about our “6 Steps” below and a whole lot of memories, experiences, and gold are waiting for you at the TOP. We’ll see you there. 

  • Austin L, IBEW journeyman lineman and Owner of Livewire Academy 

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Why The Line Trades?

Here are just some of the benefits that come from the line trades. 


2 Different retirement plans, 1 from the contractor and one from the IBEW


The line trades offer a "Brotherhood" unlike any other trade. You truly are your brothers keeper.

Job Security

With the trade growing at 9% annually, and everything becoming more and more electrified. There will always be work for linemen.

The world needs lineman NOW, and the means YOU!

Not sure where to start? Looking for more information like types of knots, tools, and a lot more? Our course “Become a lineman 101”  is designed specifically to teach you HOW to get into the trade. You need zero knowledge or experience to get started on this path. Join the Brotherhood today!