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Meet Professor Kabir Abu Bilal, a Nigerian university professor challenging stereotypes by thriving in both academia and as a skilled welder. His unconventional journey proves that embracing diverse opportunities can lead to financial success and personal satisfaction. This is an inspiring story is how he could make more money welding!

Embracing Dual Careers

Professor Kabir Abu Bilal is not your average university professor. He found out he could make more money welding…than teaching! Despite his prestigious role at Ahmadu Bello University, he’s also a successful welder in Zaria, Nigeria. Breaking free from societal norms, he proudly runs his own welding workshop and asserts that he earns more from welding than his academic position.

Shaping Minds and Metal

While teaching at the faculty of engineering for 18 years, Prof. Abu Bilal has published books on physics and electrical engineering. His fellow academic, Prof. Yusuf Jubril, commends his dual roles, challenging the notion that certain jobs are beneath someone of his stature. This resonates in a country where over 40% of graduates struggle to secure jobs.

The Evolution of a Workshop

Starting with a mini workshop two decades ago, the professor expanded his operation in 2022 after a promotion. The success allowed him to invest in more equipment and tackle larger projects, such as crafting metal door and window frames. Despite the size of the job, he approaches each welding task with enthusiasm and pride.

Passion Fuels Success

Prof. Abu Bilal’s love for deconstructing and reconstructing gadgets from childhood led him to welding. Dissatisfied with the theoretical nature of engineering education, he created an outlet for his hands-on passion. The workshop not only fulfills his desire to work with his hands but significantly improves his financial situation. He realized he could maker more money welding!

Inspiring Future Welders

In addition to his academic and welding roles, Prof. Abu Bilal mentors 10 apprentices aged 12 to 20. He imparts valuable skills, ensuring they are equipped to establish their own businesses. The apprenticeship, lasting about a year, includes financial support for their dedication, demonstrating the professor’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of skilled workers.

Professor Kabir Abu Bilal’s story is a testament to the potential of embracing diverse career paths. By breaking stereotypes, he not only secures financial stability but also inspires others to pursue unconventional opportunities. His dual careers showcase that passion and determination can lead to success in unexpected places.

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