Learn To Tie A Running Bowline

Learn To Tie A Running Bowline

What is a Running Bowline? It is a flexible knot that can tie a secure loop without compromising the rope’s utility. Unlike a basic bowline knot, a running bowline knot can easily be adjusted by moving the knot along the line. This adaptability makes it advantageous when fastening the rope to objects of varying sizes. It is easy to learn and assemble. 

The running bowline is a knot consisting of a bowline looped around its own standing end to create a noose. The running bowline is strong and secure. It slides easily and can be undone just as simply.

This knot is VERY commonly used in the lineman trade in many different applications in the field. For rigging, hoisting, tying things down. This is just a variation of the bowline knot. If you can tie a bowline, you can tie a running bowline!

If you don’t know how to tie a Bowline click and learn HERE

Learn to tie a running bowline. Click and watch HERE 👇🏼

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