CPR/First Aid – Why Should You Get It?

CPR/First Aid certification is an important qualification that can prepare individuals to respond effectively to emergencies. Being certified as a CPR/First Aid responder means that one has undergone training on how to handle medical emergencies such as heart attacks, seizures, and injuries.

Having this certification is essential for individuals interested in pursuing careers in law enforcement, security, and emergency services & dangerous trades like the lineman trade. Additionally, businesses and organizations may require their staff to have CPR/First Aid certification for safety reasons.

Overall, obtaining this certification not only equips individuals with skills to help save lives but also makes them valuable assets to the communities they serve. You will need your CPR/FA certification to get into a lineman apprenticeship and other apprenticeship may require it as well!

Learn why/how having CPR/FA training can save someones life and how it help me save someone else’s life at work (personal story)👇🏼

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