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The Blue Collar Trades Are Expecting 8.3 Million NEW Job Openings By 2030. The opportunity is really good!

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The Average Age Of A Construction Worker In The United States Is 39 Years Old. There is a big age gap & you can help close it!


Nearly 35% Of All Blue Collar Workers Are Set To Retire By 2030. Which mean; lots of opportunity ti get started in ANY trade!

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Are you unsure about what career path you’re going to go into after high school? Maybe you just graduated & you’re stuck on finding a blue collar career that is right for you! Perhaps, you’re 33 years old & you are sick of your office 9-5. YOU want to find something that feels more productive & beneficial. Whatever the case may be, we are here for you! We want to expose, teach & educate you about blue collar career paths, what steps to take to get there and MUCH MORE! 

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BlueCollar Blueprint is an educational online platform where you learn more about blue-collar jobs and what they offer. From typical salaries, to day to day operations, you can finally get an inside peak into how the meat is made. If you are interested in a skilled trade career path, learn here on how to get started!

BlueCollar Blueprint has courses starting at $49. We also offer a ton of free trainings an articles inside. 

Yes, In each course or guide, we go over how YOU can get started in the trade of your choosing. 

No. We cannot give you or guarantee you a job. However, we will provide you with the necessary steps & tools you need to to get a job! 

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