Skilled Trade School... Do You Need It?

Skilled Trade School Education

  • Are you considering your options after high school?
  • Are you thinking about attending a skilled trade school/technical college?
  • Do you have to go to a trade school to pursue a career in the skilled trades?

It’s essential to explore all avenues, including trade school. The reality is, you don’t have to attend trade school to kickstart a successful career in the trades. Let’s dive into the possibilities and benefits of trade school education.

What is Trade School?

Skilled Trade schools offer specialized training programs designed to prepare individuals for specific careers in skilled trades. These programs focus on hands-on learning and provide practical skills that are directly applicable to the workforce.

Do you Need Trade School?

This is the most common asked question: Do I need to go to a trade school. And that answer isn’t always “yes” or “no”. It’s something you need to outweigh the pros/cons of the trade you’re pursing. The time, money, certification and employment opportunity’s a trade school can provide. Roger Wakefield (master plumber) puts it like this:
        “The reality is you don’t have to go to trade school. I think it’s all about getting the right education but to be honest you can go to work at a local plumbing company that is what’s called open shop. Not Union you can go to work there in Texas you go to work for a company for two years. You’re eligible to go take your Tradesman exam that gets you to work on single family and two family dwellings. You can go to work for four years get your journeyman license you can work on anything now. If you do go through and do training program the union PHCC anything at all like that. That’s recognized which I’m sure Apex is one more year you become a master plumber.”

Benefits of Trade School Education

One of the greatest advantages of trade school education is the ability to start working and earning income sooner. Unlike traditional four-year colleges, trade school programs are typically shorter in duration, allowing graduates to enter the workforce quickly.

Trade school graduates often experience high demand for their skills. With a shortage of skilled workers in various industries, employers are eager to hire individuals with specialized training from trade schools.

Exploring Career Paths in the Trades

The trades offer a diverse range of career paths, from plumbing and HVAC to electrical work and carpentry. Regardless of your interests, there’s likely a trade that aligns with your skills and passions.

For example, aspiring plumbers can enter the field through various avenues. You can work for a local plumbing company, whether it’s a non-union open shop or a unionized organization. Many companies offer on-the-job training, allowing you to learn while you earn. You can also easily enroll in free or paid courses like “become a lineman 101” that give you the exact directions you need to take to start a career in that field. 

Becoming an Entrepreneur in the Trades

Entrepreneurship is also a viable path for trade school graduates. With the right skills and experience, you can start your own business and become your own boss. Whether you specialize in residential, commercial, or industrial services, there’s ample opportunity to thrive as an entrepreneur in the trades.

The Versatility of Trade School Education

Trade school education is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you choose to attend a formal trade school program or pursue on-the-job training, there are plenty of opportunities to succeed in the trades. Trade school graduates can work in various sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings, offering a diverse range of career paths.

Trade school education opens doors to rewarding career opportunities in the skilled trades. Whether you’re interested in plumbing, electrical work, or carpentry, trade school equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce. So, if you’re considering your options after high school, don’t overlook the benefits of trade school education. Explore your options, and embark on a fulfilling career journey in the trades.

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