4 Types of Blue Collar Apprentices

Understanding the Four Types of Blue Collar Apprentices

Entering the world of blue-collar work as an apprentice can be an exciting journey. Having worked in the industry for about 7-8 years, I’ve encountered various types of apprentices, each with unique personalities and traits. From my time as a journeyman lineman, working in welding, and dealing with powerline tree clearance, I’ve seen some things. Here, I’ll share my insights on the four common types of blue collar apprentices you might come across.

  • What are the 4 personalities/types of apprentices?
  • What is a good type of apprentice to be?
  • Level up your game & become the best apprentice you can be!

The Quiet and Confident Apprentice

The quiet and confident blue collar apprentice is often my favorite type. This person knows their job and understands their duties well. They come to work early, ready to tackle the day. They don’t speak much unless necessary, which allows them to listen and learn effectively.

Traits of the Quiet and Confident Apprentice:

  • Knows their role: They are clear about their responsibilities.
  • Consistent worker: They show up early are reliable & dependable.
  • Eager to learn: They absorb information like a sponge.

I relate to this type because, during my apprenticeship, I was more on the quiet side. I focused on my tasks and made sure to learn as much as possible. This type of apprentice is invaluable to any team because they can be trusted to get the job done without constant supervision.

The Loud and Cocky Apprentice

On the other end of the spectrum is the loud and cocky blue collar apprentice. This individual is full of energy and confidence, often to the point of being obnoxious. They might have some knowledge, but their loud personality can rub others the wrong way, especially in a team-oriented environment like construction or powerline work.

Characteristics of the Loud and Cocky Apprentice:

  • Overconfident: They tend to think they know it all.
  • Disruptive: Their loud nature can be distracting to others.
  • Hard to work with: Their ego often makes them difficult to manage.

While their energy and confidence can be beneficial in some situations, this type of apprentice often needs to tone it down to fit better with the crew. In my experience, having a balance between confidence and humility is crucial for success in the blue-collar world.

The Nice but Struggling Apprentice

This type of blue collar apprentice is nice and eager to work but struggles to learn and keep up with the tasks. They have a good attitude and are hardworking, but they find it challenging to grasp new concepts and skills.

Signs of the Nice but Struggling Apprentice:

  • Good attitude: They are pleasant to have on the team.
  • Hardworking: They put in the effort but struggle to learn.
  • Needs repetition: They require multiple explanations to understand tasks.

It’s tough to see these apprentices struggle because they are trying their best. However, in the fast-paced world of blue-collar work, learning quickly is essential. If they don’t improve, they might face being moved to different crews or even let go.

The Loud and Confident Apprentice

Lastly, we have the loud and confident blue collar apprentice who knows their stuff and isn’t afraid to show it. They are good at their job and often get along well with others, despite their loud personality.

Traits of the Loud and Confident Apprentice:

  • Knowledgeable: They have a solid understanding of their tasks.
  • Outgoing: They are sociable and often fun to be around.
  • Respected: Their skills and confidence earn them respect from others.

This apprentice can be a great asset to the team. Even though their loud personality might annoy some, their competence and reliability usually make up for it. They are often the ones who stick around during layoffs because they are too valuable to let go.


These are the four types of blue collar apprentices I’ve encountered in my career. Whether you’re the quiet and confident type, the loud and cocky one, the nice but struggling apprentice, or the loud and confident worker, each has their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these personalities can help you navigate your apprenticeship and find your place in the blue-collar world.

For anyone starting as a blue collar apprentice, remember that attitude and willingness to learn are key. Each personality type has the potential to succeed if they focus on improving their skills and working well with others. No matter what type of blue collar apprentice you are, there’s always room for growth and development.

By recognizing and understanding these different personality types, both apprentices and journeymen can work together more effectively, creating a more productive and enjoyable working environment.

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