How To Make $100,000/Yr As A Truck Driver

Make 6 Figures Driving Truck

One blue collar trade where you can make 6 figures a year, is driving truck! This is one career/trade that requires very minimal certifications (Class A Commercial Drivers License) where you have an opportunity to build a career and make great money! 

Truck drivers are vitally important to our everyday lives. They transport everything we use & need on an everyday basis! Without them, we would not have our everyday essential goods.

Meet Clarissa Rankins

Clarissa Rankin, a 36-year-old professional truck driver on the East Coast who earns $144,000 annually. Clarissa operates her own trucking business called JC Rankins Transport, hauling everything from diapers to TVs to canned goods.

Not only does she excel in her trucking venture, but she also dives into the world of social media, where she shares her trucker life experiences in TikTok. In 2021 alone, Clarissa earned an extra $36,000 through her social media presence. Between the two, she makes 6 figures driving truck!

How Does She Do It?

Owning her business grants Clarissa the freedom to transport a diverse range of products across the East Coast. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines as she manages her trucking operations efficiently.

Additionally, Clarissa has found a creative outlet by documenting her experiences on social media platforms. Through her engaging content, she has managed to generate a substantial income, supplementing her earnings from truck driving.

Trucking Is Important

Clarissa’s story showcases the power of passion and hard work. With her trucking expertise and social media presence, she not only earns a comfortable living but also inspires others with her journey.

Her ability to combine her love for trucking with a successful online presence demonstrates the endless possibilities in the modern world of entrepreneurship. Clarissa Rankin serves as a testament to how dedication and innovation can lead to financial success, proving that pursuing one’s interests can open doors to multiple streams of income and fulfillment.

Become A Trucker

There is no doubt, being a trucker is important and there is many opportunities. If becoming a trucker is something you are interested in, learn more HERE

Learn Clarissa Rankin story how she earned 6 figures driving truck. Her story is inspiring! Watch and learn here or watch below. 

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