Learn To Tie Bowline On A Bight

A bowline on a bight is a variation of the bowline knot that creates two loops instead of one. It is a useful knot for creating a stable anchor point or for attaching multiple lines to a single anchor point. Also, when you need a strong secure loop in the middle of your line,  using a Bowline On A Bight is the perfect knot for that situation! 

The bowline on a bight is a relatively easy knot to tie once you have learned the basic steps and can be useful in a variety of outdoor and rigging activities. However, as with all knots, it is important to test the knot’s strength and stability before relying on it in critical situations. The Bowline on a  Bight is a very strong knot, and even after a lot of tension is applied to the knot, it is relatively easy to untie! 

Learn the Bowline on A Bight here 👇🏼

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