IBEW Outside Halls

This is a list of IBEW outside halls, where you can find standing calls for groundman, information, contracts, and a whole lot more! They are “outside” halls because they represent the “outside” IBEW members AKA Lineman trade. Find your state below, click the link and get started learning about your local IBEW hall! 

How Can This Help?

If you want to get started in the lineman trade, the IBEW hall is the best place to start. Many of these union halls will post open jobs or what are called “standing calls”. Standing calls are job calls that have not yet been filled, and are ripe for the taking! You can go to your local IBEW hall & sign the out of work books as a groundman, and they will call you with work if a job becomes available. However, if you are willing to travel, you can check any of these IBEW halls websites, look for a tab that says “job calls” and see if there are any jobs available. 

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Alabama: IBEW Local 175 https://ibew175.org/www IBEW Local 443 https://ibew443.org IBEW Local 558 https://www.ibew558.org

Alaska: IBEW Local 1547 https://www.ibew1547.org

Arizona: IBEW Local 769 http://www.ibew769.com 

Arkansas: IBEW Local 436 IBEW Local 295 https://www.ibew295.org IBEW Local 700 http://www.ibew700.com

California: (Southern) IBEW Local 47 https://ibew47.org (Northern) IBEW Local 1245 https://ibew1245.com IBEW Local 659 http://www.ibew659.org

Colorado: IBEW Local 111 https://www.ibew111.org IBEW Local 12 http://ibew12.org/wordpress/

Connecticut: IBEW Local 42 https://www.ibewlocal42.com

Delaware: IBEW Local 126 https://www.ibewlu126.com

Florida: IBEW Local 222 https://www.ibew222.org 

Georgia: IBEW Local 84 https://www.ibewlocal84.org IBEW Local 175 IBEW Local 175 https://ibew175.org/www 

Hawaii: IBEW Local 1186 https://ibew1186.org 

Idaho: IBEW Local 449 http://www.ibewlocal449.org IBEW Local 291 https://www.ibew291.org 

Illinois: IBEW Local 51 http://www.ibew51.org IBEW Local 702 https://ibew702.org IBEW Local 196 https://www.ibew196.com IBEW Local 309 https://www.ibew309.com 

Indiana: IBEW Local 1393 https://www.ibewlocal1393.com IBEW Local 71 https://www.ibew71.org 

Iowa: IBEW Local 55 http://ibew55.org

Kansas: IBEW Local 304 https://www.ibew304.org 

Kentucky: IBEW Local 71 https://www.ibew71.org IBEW Local 369 https://www.ibewlocal369.com IBEW Local 816 https://ibewlocal816.org 

Louisiana: IBEW Local 194 http://www.ibew194.org IBEW Local 995 https://lu995.com 

Maine: IBEW Local 104 https://ibew104.org 

Maryland: IBEW Local 126 https://www.ibewlu126.com IBEW Local 70 https://www.ibew70.us 

Massachusetts: IBEW Local 104 https://ibew104.org 

Michigan: IBEW Local 17 https://www.ibewlocal17.org IBEW Local 876 https://www.ibew876.com

Minnesota: IBEW Local 160 https://ibew160.org 

Mississippi: IBEW Local 903 https://lu903.com

Missouri: IBEW Local 2 http://www.ibew2.org IBEW Local 53 http://ibewlocal53.org/home/home.asp

Montana: IBEW Local 44 http://www.ibew44.org IBEW Local 532 http://ibew532.com/currentaffair/

Nebraska: IBEW local 1525 https://www.ibew.org/Tools/Local-Union-Directory

Nevada: IBEW Local 396 http://ibew396.org IBEW Local 1245  https://ibew1245.com 

New Hampshire: IBEW Local 104 https://ibew104.org 

New Jersey: IBEW Local 164 https://www.ibew164.org IBEW Local 400 http://www.ibew400.org 

New Mexico: IBEW Local 611 https://www.ibew611.org 

New York: IBEW Local 1249 https://ibew1249.org IBEW Local 1049 https://www.ibew1049.org 

North Carolina: IBEW Local 342 http://ibew342.org 

North Dakota: IBEW Local 714 https://www.local714.com 

Ohio: IBEW Local 245 https://www.ibew245.com IBEW Local 71 https://www.ibew71.org 

Oklahoma: IBEW Local 1002 https://ibew1002.com

Oregon: IBEW Local 659 http://www.ibew659.org IBEW Local 125 https://www.ibew125.com 

Pennsylvania: IBEW Local 1319 https://ibew1319.org IBEW Local 126 https://www.ibewlu126.com 

Rhode Island: IBEW Local 104 https://ibew104.org 

South Carolina: IBEW Local 776 https://www.ibewlocal776.org

South Dakota: IBEW Local 426 http://www.ibewsd.com

Tennessee: IBEW Local 270 https://www.ibewlocal270.org IBEW Local 175 https://ibew175.org/www 

Texas: IBEW Local 66 https://ibew66.com IBEW Local 436 

Utah: IBEW Local 57 https://www.ibew57.com

Vermont: IBEW Local 104 https://ibew104.org 

Virginia: IBEW Local 80 https://www.ibew80.com IBEW Local 934 https://ibew934.com

Washington: IBEW Local 77 https://www.ibew77.com IBEW Local 483 http://www.ibew483.org/index.cfm 

West Virginia: IBEW Local 71 https://www.ibew71.org IBEW Local 141 https://www.ibew141.org IBEW Local 317 http://ibew317.net

Wisconsin: IBEW Local 953 http://www.ibew953.org IBEW Local 2150 https://www.ibewlocal2150.org

Wyoming: IBEW Local 322 http://www.ibew322.org 

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