Become a Land Surveyor


many companies in the Land Surveying industry offer competitive health benefits.

Earning Potential

Largely dependent on the company you work for, many Land Surveyors earn well over $100,000 per year.

Job Growth

The land surveyor industry is projected to grow by -2 by 2029 due to advancing technology. Note that many people doing it now will be retiring soon opening up 10,000+ jobs by 2029.

About Becoming A Land Surveyor

How To Become A Land Surveyor in The United States

Land Surveyors are highly skilled professionals with a reputation for accuracy and integrity. Land surveyors interpret what is on the ground, such as natural features and artificial changes, and use various surveying methods to measure distances, depths, levels, heights, angles, slopes, and other characteristics. They create maps of property lines, prepare construction layout plans, and provide information about the land’s topography and suitability for development.

Land surveyors are professionals who measure and calculate the land to be subdivided. The subdivision is used for legal documents, construction, and more. The land surveyor’s duties include:

Becoming a land surveyor requires experience in the field and a high school diploma or equivalent. You may want to consider getting an associate degree in surveying, allowing you to work as a professional surveyor and take on more complex projects.


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