Become a Garage Door Tech


many companies in the Garage Door Tech industry offer competitive health benefits.

Earning Potential

Largely dependent on the company you work for, many Garage Door Techs earn well over $90,000 per year.

Job Growth

The Garage Door Tech Industry is projected to grow by 4% by 2029. This means around 12,000 new jobs will be created.

About Becoming A Garage Door Tech

How To Become A Garage Door Technician In The United States?


Garage door technicians are a distinct subgroup of repairmen who might be counted in the general category of residential or commercial door service contractors. The main job of a technician is to keep all inside parts and appliances in working order over the course of their professional life span, above and beyond any other services those doors may need from time to time. There is both an ongoing decision and continuous work that is essential for the life span of a garage door service that demands excellence in strategy, innovation, hard work as well as smart determination – all qualities which are even more important than technical skills here!

Being a service technician who repairs garage doors is not your typical job. You’ll need certifications and knowledge of how to troubleshoot, repair, and install the mechanisms on these heavy-duty doors; but, if you want this career path, the US has many opportunities for certification.

Most importantly, be patient and keep learning – the journey to becoming a successful garage door technician can be long but well worth it!

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