Benefits & Pluses Of The Linetrade

Why Be A Lineman?

I  can’t sit here and tell you to become a lineman. It definitely isn’t for everyone. If you’re scared of heights, high voltage, long hours, traveling, being away from home/family, working in all types of weather, constructive criticism, heavy equipment, loud noises, working with other people, being safe, watching out for your brother, etc… this line of work probably isn’t for you. What I can say; this job has many benefits on the money side, and experience side. I’ll go over those. It’s a process to become a lineman, but since when does anything good happen over night! 

The Pluses (In My Opinion) 

Now as I said, this ain’t for everybody. But maybe you’re not everybody. Maybe you’re just out of highschool looking for a good trade career to get into. Maybe you’re looking for a career change. I don’t know what your circumstances are, but maybe you just want to know what the lineman career is all about; what it has to offer. I’m also not here to talk you into it, I’m not a recruiter… I’m just a dude who wants to help if this is a trade you might want to get into! 

  1. What We Do: We build power lines from point A to Z. From a power generation plant to your house. It is quite the process for it to get there. Check out our blog on “What Does A lineman Do” for some more information. Go to website go to careers, blogs! 
  2. The Brotherhood: One of the coolest aspects of the trade for me is the brotherhood. Just like it sounds, anywhere you go work, those folks you work with are your brothers. You look out for them, they look out for you. It’s a strong bond. Even if I don’t know you personally, you’re still my brother at work and outside of work; I got your back, you have mine! It’s real, I have experienced it.
  3. Job Security: Its electricity. We all need and use it on a daily basis. What are you going to do without it? We’re always there to restore it when it goes out. You can basically work anywhere in the world if you want. Just get a work visa. You’ll have a job almost anywhere, anytime you want to work. 
  4. Retirement: Great retirement benefits that you don’t even necessarily pay into. 
  5. Compensation: Work, you get compensated pretty nicely. Almost anywhere you go in the country, you’ll get paid a nice hourly wage and even better when it’s overtime! 
  6. Travel: Oh you like to travel and live on the road? Perfect for you! Become a journeyman lineman and your possibilities are almost endless. Go travel and work in every state if you want. The experience? Awesome!
  7. Health Benefits: One of the best health coverage deals out there! It is almost free. If you have a family, LineCo takes care of everyone on your list. Iknow from personal experience as well! We work a dangerous job, so one of the things we get rewarded with by doing so is awesome health coverage! 
  8. Death Benefits: I can’t tell you the exact numbers, but if you pass away either at work or at home; your family won’t have to worry. Through the IBEW, LineCo and the brotherhood, your funeral cost and others will be covered. 

Final Thoughts

As I said before, I’m not recruiting you and telling you “become a lineman and get in the trade”. This is something you decide for yourself. I am just here to teach what this trade has to offer in case you have thought about it. Because when I was getting started I wanted to know! 

There are many many unknown variables when getting started in the trade. Questions like: What certifications do I need? How do I find a job? Do I need math, and what math do I need? Do I need a highschool diploma or GED? (yes) Should I need to know how to tie knots? What tools do I need? The list goes on and on. I go over all the basic stuff you (should) need, A-Z for beginning in linework and getting started on a path to becoming a journeyman lineman. 

There may be some cons to becoming a lineman (not really in my opinion) but I go over those too. That’s up for you to decide. I go into much more detail in the program itself. We are here to help, because I didn’t have help like this when I got started!

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