Why You Should
Become a Plumber

Benefits of Plumbing

The benefits of plumbing, how to get started, make $150k/+ a year! Today, we’re taking you to Wyman Plumbing in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of plumbing and discover why it could be the perfect career choice for you.

A Day In The Life

Good morning, everyone! I’m Logan Dier, the general manager at Wyman Plumbing. Our office is buzzing with activity. Here, we start our day in the Dispatch Center, where calls pour in and our amazing team, Jennifer and Nikki, handles everything. We gather in our conference room, discussing daily wins, tech achievements, and our impressive top Tech of the Month board.

Fully Stocked Warehouse

Now, let’s peek into our warehouse, where we stock water treatment, plumbing essentials, and more. With a fully equipped facility, we ensure our technicians have what they need, even for emergency services. From water heaters to PVC fittings, we’ve got it covered.

Tools of the Trade

Entering the world of plumbing requires tools. We provide a tool account for our team, easing the initial investment burden. Plumbing involves a variety of tasks, from fixing collapsed sewers to handling hard water issues. With us, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to get the job done.

Lucrative Opportunities in Plumbing

Passionate about plumbing? The benefits of plumbing are immense. Starting around $20 an hour, our top technicians make over $150,000 a year. With skill development, the earning potential in the trades is fantastic. Plumbing offers a unique career path where hard work and expertise pay off.

Structured Apprenticeship Programs

Looking to enter the trades? Choose a company with a well-structured apprenticeship program. At Wyman, we follow an employee maturity model, guiding you from labor to a top-level technician. Ensure the company you choose has a clear progression plan to make your learning intentional and effective.

On-site with Charles McDaniel

Meet Charles McDaniel, a skilled technician at Wyman Plumbing. Today, we’re at Desert Mountain, addressing various plumbing issues. From a corroded shower head to a faulty shower valve handle and a misbehaving tankless water heater, Charles diagnoses and fixes the problems with expertise.

The Conclusion of Our Day

Wrapping up our day, we’ve tackled multiple plumbing challenges. Each issue resolved adds to the satisfaction of a job well done. If you’re considering a career in the trades, especially plumbing, this behind-the-scenes look at Wyman Plumbing highlights the exciting and rewarding aspects of the job.

In conclusion, the benefits of plumbing extend beyond fixing pipes. It’s about problem-solving, skill development, and making a real impact. Stay tuned for more insights into the world of trades, and don’t forget to explore the benefits of plumbing as a potential career path. Thanks for joining us on this plumbing adventure at Wyman Plumbing!

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