Become An IBEW Electrician

Become An IBEW Electrician

Become an IBEW electrician! Getting into an IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) apprenticeship, learning & earning on the job! The benefits of becoming an IBEW electrician consist of; higher wages, paid retirement, awesome health/medical benefits and much more. 

Not to mention, being an electrician is one of the most important trades you can be a part of! You can learn A LOT more about becoming an IBEW electrician and what it takes to get started HERE.

What Does The IBEW Offer

Being a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) union offers several advantages:

  1. Job Security: IBEW membership provides a sense of job security as the union works to protect the rights and jobs of its members.

  2. Fair Wages: Union members generally receive higher wages and better benefits compared to non-union workers. IBEW ensures members are paid fair wages for their skills and experience.

  3. Healthcare Benefits: IBEW members often have access to comprehensive healthcare coverage, ensuring that they and their families are protected against medical expenses.

  4. Pension Plans: Union members usually have access to pension plans, providing financial security in retirement.

  5. Training and Skill Development: IBEW offers training programs to enhance members’ skills, keeping them updated with the latest industry standards and technologies.

  6. Collective Bargaining: IBEW negotiates with employers on behalf of its members, ensuring that their voices are heard and their interests are protected during labor disputes and contract negotiations.

  7. Safe Working Conditions: The union advocates for safe working conditions, ensuring that members work in environments that meet appropriate safety standards.

  8. Solidarity and Support: Being part of a union means having the support of a larger community, including fellow workers who stand together in times of need.

  9. Career Advancement: IBEW provides opportunities for career growth and advancement within the electrical industry.

  10. Representation: Union members have representation and advocacy, ensuring that their concerns are addressed and their rights are upheld in the workplace.

What Is An IBEW Apprenticeship

An IBEW electrician apprenticeship is a program where individuals learn the skills and knowledge needed to become a skilled electrician.

During the apprenticeship, participants receive hands-on training, work with experienced electricians, and attend classes to understand electrical theory and safety regulations. It’s a structured training period that allows apprentices to gain practical experience in the field while earning a wage. The apprenticeship roughly takes 4-5 years to complete!

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, participants typically become certified and jourenyman electricians, capable of working on various electrical projects.

Learn From This Story

Vernica Martinez, aged 40, is a skilled electrician in the Local 3 union. She has dedicated almost two decades to her profession, progressing from an apprentice to a journeywoman. Currently, she earns $58 per hour for her expertise. 

Originally from the Bronx, Vernica has chosen to reside with her husband and two daughters in Orange County, New York, just outside the bustling city where she works. Her journey showcases her hard work and determination, reflecting her rise within the union and her ability to support her family. 

Living outside the city provides her family with a peaceful environment while allowing Vernica to continue her successful career as a respected electrician. Watch & learn below or click HERE.

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