Become An Aerial Lineman

Become An Aerial Lineman

What is an aerial lineman & how do you become an aerial lineman?

An aerial lineman, also known as a power line technician or lineman, is a skilled professional who works in the field of electrical power distribution. Aerial or just linemen are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining overhead power lines. They work on utility poles, towers, and other elevated structures to ensure that electrical systems are functioning safely and efficiently. Some people might refer to lineman who work off go helicopters as “arial lineman”. 

You can become an aerial lineman by becoming a IBEW journeyman lineman. There is always opportunity to do work with helicopters in the lineman trade! If you want to learn more about the lineman trade clicker HERE or check out our YouTube HERE

Key Responsibilities

  1. Installing and Maintaining Power Lines: Aerial linemen are involved in the installation of new power lines and the maintenance of existing ones. This can include tasks such as stringing wires, attaching insulators, and ensuring the proper tension of lines.

  2. Repairing Faulty Lines: When power outages or communication issues occur due to damaged or faulty lines, aerial linemen are responsible for identifying the problem and making the necessary repairs. This often involves working at great heights and in various weather conditions.

  3. Safety Inspections: Aerial linemen conduct regular safety inspections of power lines and related equipment. They look for signs of wear and tear, damage, or other issues that might compromise the integrity of the lines.

  4. Working with Electrical Equipment: Aerial linemen are skilled in working with a variety of electrical equipment, including transformers, circuit breakers, and other components of the power distribution system.

  5. Adhering to Safety Protocols: Safety is paramount in the work of aerial linemen. They must follow strict safety protocols and use specialized equipment such as harnesses and insulated tools to prevent accidents and injuries while working at heights.

  6. Emergency Response: Aerial linemen are often called upon to respond to emergencies, such as storms or accidents that damage power lines. They work quickly and efficiently to restore power and communication services to affected areas.

Overall, aerial linemen play a crucial role in maintaining the infrastructure that provides electricity to communities. Their work requires specialized training, physical fitness, and a strong emphasis on safety.

What Kind Of Money Can You Make?

You can make really good money as a lineman. What kind of money? Depending on where you work, what kind of work you’re doing, if it’s union or non-union; the number varies. The average income of a lineman is $67,000 a year, however you earn a lot more than that. You have the opportunity to earn upwards towards $300,000+ a year! 

There is a lot of opportunity if you want to get into the lineman trade! Anything from working in the mountains with helicopters to working in the middle of a big city. Hurricanes, snow storms, tropical storms and the list goes on for power restoration. Lineman are essential skilled labor professionals. Watch the video below to learn more. If you truly want to learn how to become a lineman check out “become a lineman 101“.

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