Are You Too Old To Get Started in A Skilled Trade

Are You Too Old? 3 Things Too Consider

Are you too old to get started & perhaps hesitant to pursue a skilled trade career because you think you might be… too old? Let’s debunk that myth! Here are three important factors to consider if you’re considering a career change, particularly in trades like the lineman world.

Physical Ability

One concern for older individuals considering a skilled trade is whether they’re physically capable of the job. While age may play a role, it’s not the only determining factor. Consider whether you’re in good physical shape and able to handle the demands of the job. Skilled trades like lineman work can be physically demanding, requiring tasks such as climbing poles, digging holes, and working long hours in various weather conditions. However, if you’re up for the challenge and believe you can handle the physical aspects of the job, age shouldn’t hold you back.

Starting as an Apprentice

Starting a new career as an apprentice can be challenging, regardless of age. As an apprentice, you’ll likely be the lowest man on the totem pole, taking on tasks that others may not want to do. Your ego will probably be checked…many times. This can include labor-intensive work and following directions from guys who may be younger than you. It’s essential to assess whether you’re willing to accept constructive criticism and work your way up from the bottom. While it may be humbling, starting as an apprentice can lead to valuable experience and career advancement opportunities. You’re probably “not too old to get started”.

Financial Considerations

One of the biggest concerns for older individuals considering a career change is the potential for a pay cut. Many skilled trades offer competitive wages, but starting as an apprentice may mean earning less than you’re accustomed to. It’s crucial to evaluate whether you can afford to take a temporary pay cut while you gain experience and advance in your new career. While the initial financial sacrifice may be challenging, the long-term earning potential in skilled trades can be significant.

Age should not be a barrier to starting a career in a skilled trade. Consider factors such as: physical ability, willingness to start as an apprentice, and financial considerations. You can determine whether a career change is right for you. Remember, it’s never too late to pursue your passion and build a rewarding career in the trades. So, if you’ve been wondering, “Am I too old to get started in a skilled trade career?” the answer is likely “Not too old at all!”

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