Are You A Veteran? Join VEEP!

Are you a veteran or current service member looking for an awesome career opportunity? VEEP is here for you!

The Veteran’s Electrical Entry Program (VEEP) is designed by the electrical training ALLIANCE to fill two needs facing the United States currently.

1. Provide transitioning service members and recently separated veterans the ability to reenter the civilian workforce in a high demand field that offers excellent earning potential.

2. Provide high quality electricians to an industry facing a major shortage of skilled labor.

It is an awesome opportunity for service members to have a career in a high demand, lucrative field. 

Are you a veteran? Join VEEP! Get started in the electrical industry. The electrical industry is one of the foremost important industries to get into.

If you want to learn more about the lineman trade click HERE

If you want to learn more about the electrician trade click HERE

Learn more about VEEP HERE👇🏼

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