7 Good Paying Trade Jobs For 2023!

There is no doubt about it, inside the skilled trades you can make GOOD money. But what trades in 2023 are high paying…and you wouldn’t expect it? 

This list Is very unique. A few of them I knew would make the list. However, a few I would have not thought about at all.

Here is the list👇🏼

These numbers are according to Blue Recruit:

1. Solar Installer – $32 hr & 67k annually

2. Mechatronics – $29 hr & 60k annually

3. Plumber – $+30 hr & 62k annually

4. Elevator Technician – $40 hr & 82k annually

5. HVAC Tech / Electrician – $34 hr & 71k annually

6. Heavy Equipment Mechanic – $40 hr & 84k annually

7. Fire Service Inspector – $44 hr & 92k annually

These are some awesome careers with great salaries/hourly wages! No college debt just earn while you learn!

Watch the video to learn more about these jobs, and what kind of money they make! 👇🏼


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